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"Congratulations on the best piano recital. All students enjoyed and got best experiences in playing piano. Your words are the sparks that light up our children’s futures. Thanks for giving our little ones BIG dreams. You truly have our respects and admiration".

                                                                                                    C. Zhang








"Your students gave a phenomenal performance. It's all your work and effort. Thank you". 

                                                                                      J. Bose                                                                                    

"We are blessed to have you as Owen's teacher for your high standard, patient and care. You showed us how grace and beauty the music can be. My son is lucky to start his lifelong journey of music with you".

S. Hun





" This note is to express our pleasure that you were available to teach the art of piano playing to our daughter. Liliana was very enthusiastic about learning to play piano. Mark and I wanted to find a teacher that would encourage the excitement of playing an instrument combined with the discipline needed to become a musician. We were very happy that Liliana leaves each lesson with the same passion for the piano that prompted her to ask for lessons. She is eager to please you in her playing and is very diligent in her practice. She also spends lots of time playing her own “compositions". We listen with anticipation to the early struggles of a new piece. We are pleased that you challenge her without overwhelming her with pieces that are too ambitious. There is also the wonderful moment when a piece of music is mastered. That is great accomplishment! We are very impressed with her progress and hope that you can continue your professional relationship with Liliana for years to come ".

Ph. K. Dobronyi


" We are writing this letter to express our sincere thanks to Mrs. Atahlian, for the outstanding dedication that she has demonstrated in her chosen profession with our daughter, Ruxandra. Patience, understanding, kindness and most of all love, are constantly required to nurture young minds and personalities on the learning pathway. Having Mrs. Atahlian as a teacher, contributed to Ruxandra’s progress in learning piano and developing a passion for classical music that we are positive it will last for the rest of her life. Mrs. Atahlian’s enthusiasm demonstrated to Ruxandra how to love the process of learning to play an instrument and try to improve every day. Our daughter is looking forward to every lesson knowing that every time she will be taught to do better. Mrs. Atahlian knows how to obtain the best results out from her students making them feel proud about their own achievements. We are looking forward to Ruxandra continuing her journey in learning piano with Mrs. Atahlian. We feel confident that she will continue to guide our daughter into the future, and we are thankful that Ruxandra began her journey with one of the best! ".

C & G Bogdan


" Marina has been my son's teacher for many years now. My son connected with Marina immediately, responding to her genuine warthm and enthusiastic, supportive approach. She has standards and expectations that she makes clear to my son and he has learned the benefits of self-discipline as it regards the music and other aspects of life. Marina is patient with student, challenges the student to keep the learning process going and praises the accomplishments. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to recommend someone I truly believe in !". 

H. Huo

" I would like to thank you for your enjoying and motivated teaching. I really appreciate to find my son's Korbinian piano improvements.You gave him remarquable musical skills. Thanks so much ".

H. Schuetze

" Mrs. Atahlian is a great piano teacher, with a genuine interest in her student’s musical success. She is talented, patient, and knowledgeable, everything a piano teacher should be. She is able to play towards her student’s strengths and still work on their needs. She has done wonders with my son Emi. Helping him to focus more effectively and play the piano more naturally. Mrs. Marina’s attention to every musical detail during class has improved my son’s ability to focus on any musical piece he has to learn. I am very happy that he is learning the language of music. It is a lifelong gift!

" Thank you Marina for sharing your piano passion with my son and thank you for your wonderful smile! Emi’s piano lessons with you are great pleasure. Thanks you again for being a wonderful teacher ".

E. Cioca

" Through years of study with Marina, my dauther has made huge progress in piano techniques. Mrs. Atahlian teaches her students how to listen to the resonnance of the piano strings and to feel how the music flow. Marina is talented musician and an accomplished teacher ".

L. Xiao                                                                                                                                                                                                    

" You did an incredible job with the recital. Everyone was very impressed. It was the most impressive recital I have ever attended! "


" Thank you so much for giving my girls a wonderful opportunity to perform. All the students were so impressive that I saw your diligent works through their performances ".

M. Barlow




" I had the pleasure of studying with Marina Atahlian the past three years while completing my RCM Level 9 and Level 10 exams. I finished RCM Level 9 and 10 exam with Honours. Marina is passionate and professional, very keen and careful on how to express the music to the best, from overall emotion of a piece to how my fingers should touch the keys to the best sounds from the keyboard. She has taught me great piano techniques. I made huge progress in studying with her and my performing and techniques have improved a lot. She gave me confidence. I respect Marina's all her qualities but most importantly her professionalism and her attention to details ".

J. Li


" I finished my grade 9 RCM piano exams with First class honours with Distinction and I am preparing Grade 10 RCM exam. With my piano teacher Marina Atahlian, I made a huge progress by playing different pieces, various composers and eras. Marina is professional and dedicated teacher, with a strong knowledge of piano technique. At every lesson, she share her talent and passion of music and teaches virtuosic touches, musicality, and help me to develop musicianship and to be an accomplished  musician and pianist. I am glad to improve my technique and master virtuosic pieces under her guidances. Thank you for being my teacher Mrs. Atahlian".

L. Wang


"Although I've had many years of experience, and many different teachers, I've also been able to learn many things with your teaching. Your attention to the artisitc details required to turn a simple piece into beautiful music with an underlying meaning of outstanding. Your kind encouragement and commitment to student success has been well received. I'm especially grateful for your technique in wich a piece can be deconstructed and learned in several parts, which then can be put back together- that method has been extremely beneficial to me in my practicing. Thank you for your wonderful teaching in my weekly piano lessons."

L. Law


"I have been a student of Marina Atahlian for a few years now, and it has been a wonderful experience. She is very knowledgeable in what she teaches, and is especially excels at teaching technique. She is able to inspire confidence and help maintain passion and enthusiasm for music, and is proficient at teaching nearly everything from the fundamentals of playing that you will use for the rest of your life, to the minute details that truly allow your music to flourish. She is a kind, patient and dedicated teacher, who can help bringing out her students best music. I have improved a lot in my technique since starting with Marina, and I look forward to finishing Level 10 piano with her in the nearest future."

D. Zhang

" I enjoy going to your class for piano lessons. You taught me a lot of techniques and how the melody/ dynamics should be played. I feel more confident when I play now specially when you help me by singing when I'm playing.You are a wonderful teacher and I have fun in you piano classes".

L. Li                                                                                                                                

 " I started piano with Marina when I was in Grade 3. Now, after 5 years, I have improved so much. When I listen to my piano teachers’ playing, I hope that some day I will be amazing too in my playing. Marina has taught me tremendous techniques to play piano. When I play I always think about what she has told me and it improves the sound of my music. I appreciate how she has helped me. At the recitals and concerts, Marina tells always great things about us to friends and families. All her students feel extra-confident and play beautifully. Many of her students have won medals and even scholarships at competitions! That shows how great is her teaching. I always remember everything Marina has told me, and it improves my playing every single time. Marina has been a wonderful mentor and a fantastic teacher”. 

L. Dobronyi





" My son started his first piano lesson with Marina since he was 5 years old. Marina made the teaching fun. After every lesson, he came home with a big smile and I can feel his happiness. He can’t wait to show us his new song or new techniques. I am also very surprised to see how many young children Marina has been taught during recital. She is very patient and strict too, which I like it. I am very happy to see my son's progress and most importantly, how music affects his life. I like to thanks Marina for her dedication in teaching and sharing her passion of music with my son. I hope one day my son will truly appreciate the gift he gets from Marina ".

R. Yan

" It is with great pleasure that I write this letter. My two daughters takes piano lessons with Marina. The progress that they made has far exceeded my expectations.Thanks to Marina, my older daughter got First Class Honours with Distinction twice. I am able to observe my daughters' lessons and this is how I witnessed the wonderful connection that developed between teacher and student. Marina is able to impact my daughters' enthusiasm and allow them to choose what they wanted to learn. She personalized  the music and lessons to their skill levels and continuously provided challenges to keep their learning process fast. My two daughters now have now more motivation to practice and play. Marina is very proud of each and every student. She makes learning the piano a magical thing ".

C. Zheng

" My 3 children have been taking piano lessons from Mrs.Atahlian. They enjoy the lessons with her very much. Marina has nurtured their interest in music, and has coached them into a dedication to learning and improving. She encourages them with her pride in their accomplishments, but is also firm and clear in her expectations. Her weekly notes in the children's notebooks give reminders about what they should practice each week-which is helpful at home. Mrs. Atahlian is a very accomplished musician, and yet is very patient with each child as they learn in different ways. She is able to adjust to the uniqueness of my children, and their different learning styles. We continue to be pleased with the level of expertise, the quality of the instruction and her commitment to her teaching. We would recommend her without hesitation to parents interested in learning about music ".

K. Sforza

" Marina has taught our eldest daughter for three years and she has taught our second daughter for one year. Alexia and Taylor enjoy playing piano and are excelling beyond our expectations. After one year, Taylor can read music and has developed a passion for the piano. Alexia has recently placed first at the Rotary Music Festival and has achieved a very high grade at the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. She has become an accomplished and confident pianist.

Marina is a talented musician and has the patience required to teach young children. Marina’s musical talents are varied. It was a surprise for me to come home one evening and to find Marina giving Alexia drumming lessons. Marina’s students perform annually for their family and friends. For the last concert, Marina miraculously coached approximately thirty children to perform a percussions concert that had all the parents in tears. Marina is very dedicated to her students and it shows ".

E. Atsaidis

" My daughter and my son are studying piano with Mrs. Atahlian since many years.They established a solid technical base, including good wrist and shoulder positioning, and progressed well in the theory of music. What is most impressive is the way they learned to focus on the quality of sound .They developed a real love of the piano and music in general. Mrs. Atahlian has provided both excellent instruction and highly motivating and enjoyable atmosphere for their studies ".

G. J. Uszkay

" Marina has taught piano to our 10 year old son since January 2003, and our six year old son has been attending her Orff and piano classes since September 2003. Both of my children enjoy very much their lessons with Mrs. Atahlian. Our sons have progressed in piano  and are quite agreeable about lessons and practicing. Marina creates an atmosphere for learning that is serious while still having fun ".

C. Bahr


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