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Modern and innovative approach in teaching music

Piano - Theory - Harmony - History - Analysis -

ORFF - Music In Early Childhood - Percussion 



                              (CFMTA, ORMTA, OCT, ORFF)

                                   RCM CERTIFIED TEACHER

                        Advanced, Intermediate, Elementary Specialist

I am Certified Teacher from The Royal Conservatory of Music Canada, recording artist, pianist, musicologist and conductor of Children’s Percussion Orchestras. I believe that every student has the chance to the BEST MUSIC EDUCATION under the guidance of a dedicated, knowledgable and caring music instructor.

My music lessons are professional, structured, fun and AFFORDABLE to everyone, with REASONABLE FEES. I teach Piano, Theory, Harmony, History, Analysis, Music in Early Childhood & Orff in my Modern Private Music Studio in Oakville. I prepare students for RCM exams, festivals & competitions. I offer to my students the BEST MUSIC EDUCATION that enables them to play piano with ease and expression, using proper technique, arm and hand position, balance and posture right from the startI incorporate my creativity into my lessons. I offer a modern and innovative approach in teaching music and make lessons exciting & enjoyable by using the latest learning Technology.

My Dedication and Excellence in Teaching Music offers to my students the best musical and performance skills.                                                                                                              


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